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Granulated Cork and Cork Powders

Granulated Cork
is manufactured in our fully automatic pneumatically controlled plant ensuring that the exact mesh size and density of granules is obtained. This ensures that the end use of the granulated cork whether it is used in house by us or sold to our customers, will give the desired results at all times.

Granulated cork finds usage in manufacture of Composition Cork, Rubber Cork, as well as used independently for Insulation in cold storage plants, insulation for buildings ensconced between concrete walls etc. It is widely used as a frictional material in brake shoes and moulded clutch plates for the automotive industry.

The construction industry finds a large usage in granulated Cork. Its usage between concrete layers of walls and roofing's can reduce heat loss by nearly 35 - 50 % .The usage of Cork as a natural thermal and acoustic insulator finds wide acceptance.









Cork powders of fine mesh find large usage in the linoleum industry as lightweight fillers.

Special chemically treated Cork Powders of extremely fine mesh find a large usage in moulding and foundry industry as a mould release agent.

Batcork - a special treated Cork powder of extremely fine mesh is extremely popular with the battery plate Industry. The Cork powder chemically altered by a unique process ensures that the molten lead does not stick on to the mould surface.