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Rubberised Cork

Rubber Cork is produced
from high-grade cork granules specifically selected and mixed with synthetic / natural rubber binders (Neoprene, Nitrile, SBR or Natural). This combines the resilience of rubber with the natural compressibility of cork. Rubber Cork is available in various grades for many applications including automotive, electrical transformers, control gear, switch gear,etc. Every gasketing application requires material that is best suited to that particular pressure, temperature, media and / or environmental factors.

Rubberised Cork sheet combines the compressibility of cork with the properties of resilience as well as resistance to mechanical action of rubber. Rubber cork can be a easily bent round sharp corner without cracking. They are strong, flexible and easy to cut and can be used for gaskets even with very narrow borders. The unique cellular structure compresses under pressure and creates a reverse pressure on the restraining forces. This "fight back" is a primary requirement in any good gasket material.










Elasticity is particularly important when gaskets are exposed to varying pressure and temperature over long periods of time. Rubber cork retains this elasticity for long periods of time under extreme temperature and liquid immersion conditions. Rubber cork is available in a wide range of different grades. Apart from the standard size of 610 x 915 mm and 915 x 915 mm, we are able to produce made to order sizes to minimize wastages at customers end. These can be supplied in different lengths and widths, in sheets as well as in rolls.


Rubber cork is also available in blocks, which can be used as per your particular production process. We also specialize in manufacture of Rubberised Cork Frames and Gaskets to individual sizes. Manufacturing of joint less frames and gaskets is our specialization. Though our production covers a wide range for different applications, we can produce material to confirm to your special requirements and specifications such as granule size, tensile strength, compressibility and oil swell.