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Anti Vibration Pads
Takes out the Vibrations from Your Factory or Office

When you are in search for a product that will reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by your machineries, D.G.Sets, Air-Conditioning and refrigeration plants your product search ends here.

Anchor Anti-Vibration Pads offers an ideal solution .Made from a combination of high quality rubber polymers and cork, this ideal combination ends up to make up a product that has excellent resistance to ageing, compression set, water & oil. The unique cellular structure of cork ( a cu. cm. of cork is said to contain nearly 45 mn cells)  filled up with tiny air pockets absorbs the vibration caused by the equipment.

Anti Vibration Pads are widely used in, 

  Refrigeration Plants 
  Air Conditioning Plants 
  Diesel Generators 
  Business Machines 
  Power / Impact Presses 
  1> Concrete Slab
  2> Tar or Waterproofing Compound (if necessary) 
  3>  Anti-Vibro cork slabs.

Anchor Anti-Vibration Pads are available in various options of solid cross-ribbed design and with variety of thickness of cork centers. The standard cork centers have a thickness of either 10 mm (3/8") or 38 mm (1.5"). With a special ribbed design of alternate heights, additional vibration isolation is achieved. Slabs are also available of Cork and Rubber independently.

Rubber Cork Anti Vibro pads  
are available in sizes of 458 mm x 458 mm ( 18" x 18") with a thickness of 22 mm (7/8"). Smaller size pads such as 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm square are also available. Cork center thickness can be varied as per customer specifications. 

Solid Cork Slabs of standard dimensions of 600 x 900 mm are also available in a variety of thickness such as 25 mm, 38 mm , 50 mm ,75 mm, 100 mm . Thickness and Densities can be varied as per customer specifications.