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Composition Cork

Composition Cork is made from selected granulated cork, bonded together using different synthetic or natural binding agents. Binding agents & chemical additives are carefully selected to adept to suit user requirements & the end use for which the material is to be utilized.

The unique cellular structure of cork gives composition cork a whole range of benefits.

Composition cork can be used in a wide variety of uses. Some of the major uses include as liners for bottle caps, clutch facings, carpet underlay for flooring surfaces, anti vibration pads for machinery foundations etc. Composition cork is also widely used for Thermal and Acoustic insulation. Notice boards and shoe soles are also among the various other usages of composition cork.  

Composition Cork is available in a number of grades, widths, lengths, and thickness - in sheets, rolls or blocks. These are made depending on user specifications using different granule sizes, density, binding agent and other additives.

In addition to a large range of standard products, we can also produce composition cork to suit special requirements and specifications.