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Design your own Rubber Cork Frames 
and save Cost

Yes! Rubberised cork Frames manufactured
by us can be of any shape -Square, Rectangular, Circular and Oval shapes with single or multiple cavities as desired. Cavities can be also of any shape as above.

In an effort to reduce cost of gaskets the usage of Rubberised Cork frames is gaining popularity and wide acceptance. The manufacture of Rubberised cork sheets in frames minimizes costs by eliminating the center unusable core during the manufacturing process thereby offering immense savings to the gasket industry.

But! What about leakages from our gasket?

It is true that most gasket users using frames have this complaint. However our specially developed manufacturing process makes it possible to manufacture JOINTLESS frames and gaskets in sheet form. Joint less frames ensure that there is no scope of leakage at all. The common complaint of the gasket user of leakages through the joints or the joints opening out is well taken care of.

What about Moulded Rubber cork Gaskets?

The main feature of a gasket of providing a tight seal can only be achieved if it's Compression / Recovery properties are as desired. The "fight back" properties required of a gasket can only be achieved if such rubber cork is manufactured in sheet form. A constant complaint of users of Moulded Rubber cork gasket users is that perfect seal is not obtained. This problem is also overcome when you use joint less rubber cork frames manufactured by us, as we do not use the direct moulding process.

















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